Using VP’s custom concept and ‘Fast Track’ system your building can be designed and built as much as 40% faster than conventional construction methods. Construction goes faster because VP’s systems can be erected quickly without expensive fieldwork and on-site modifications. Due to the complexity of movement on such a large scale, the hangar doors hold the greatest risk for potential problems. We have installed numerous bi-fold and bottom rolling doors that provide maintenance and operational advantages. Deflection requirements will be engineered on each project to meet your specific requirements and provide a problem-free door system.

Atlantic Coast Airlines
Atlantic Coast Airlines

Washington County Regional Airport, 18227 Air Park
Project Size: 20,350 Sq. Ft., Architect: Burrey Moser Gher, GC: MBS, Inc.


  • Large 24’W x 14′ H sliding hanger door
  • Full height interior liner panel for walls and ceiling
  • Roof height change for office / Higher roof for hanger area
  • Metal facade around office area
  • Vee Rib metal panels
  • Standing Seam Roof

Earthdata Aviation LLC
Earthdata Aviation LLC

Washington-Dulles International Airport, Chantilly, VA
Project Size: 64,000 Sq. Ft.


  • Attached to 25,000 Sq. Ft. office/parts/storage building
  • Two 180′ wide sliding hangar doors
  • Uses a reverse framing system which produces a completely column-free interior